Parenting is not a Bed of Roses

Parenting, as portrayed to be is not a sweet and lovely journey. As a parent, failure will be part of the course and this is not simply a negative declaration. With time and situations, the inner conflicts of family journey will be publicized.

Of late, I have been witnessing several parenting hurdles. There are many I meet who are examples of disastrous parenting while there are kids who are victims to bad parenting. In case you are perplexed and surprised by it, just take a stroll around your neighborhood and you will observe more parenting failures than you can ever imagine.

This has highly concerned me since most cases are situated in incredibly loving, Christ-centered households. It didn’t seem like they were results of earlier sins or negative behavior, yet such disappointments just happened.

As Christians, these issues are quite challenging because we always hunt for the cause of the issue so that we can justify our flaws. By looking at everything unnecessary we end up worsening the dispute than dealing with it appropriately. The situation becomes problematic in spite of our deep longing and effort to “help”.Homeschool Kid

I have witnessed amazing Christian leaders who are dedicated and love Jesus wholeheartedly yet there have been catastrophes that ruin their family either in their marriage or with their children. This always leads us to examine and find out what went wrong? We are perplexed and we lose respect for the person as we keep pondering over what went behind the problem.


At one point we need to meet reality and admit the fact that life has never assured a smooth and blissful drive. Many amazing people have experienced the pain of broken marriages. Some dedicated parents have witnessed their children walk away to darkness and into the clutches of immorality and agony. In addition to the suffering that they go through they also end up being the victim of a disapproving community who determines that not all was well thus far.

These problems might not have crept into your family and so count your blessings but don’t succumb to the usual God + Marriage + Family formula. As you love and pursue God you will live as a witness to your family in your day to day spiritual life. Be realistic and honest with your spouse and children, if not you fool yourself. Apart from all that is necessary, trust God completely with your family. Praise God when they win and continue to praise him when they stumble and fall. The fall may be one portion of the larger plan of God for your family. As you see another family fall, just realize that they are on the journey and they are in the middle of a great story of God’s amazing Grace and redemption. Let go of the desire to know what is happening in their life and give them the space to learn and experience God’s goodness through all the struggles.

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